Bible based counseling and programs!
Pastor's and pastorial staff located in different locations around the country to meet your needs.

Marriage Recovery & Enrichment

  1. Marriage Advancement Seminars
    Making your marriage better than you ever expected.
  2. Marriage Retreats
    A get away focused on marriage enrichment
  3. "Happily Ever After" Sundays
    A promotional Sunday devoted to the marriage.

Counseling Disciplines

  1. In-office Counseling
    By appointment in-office counseling is available in multiple locations around the country.
  2. E-counseling
    Counseling can be performed via WebEx, Skype or Zoom, for the in-office atmosphere and face to face experience.
  3. Phone Counseling
    Counseling can be performed through a conference call, which is sometimes less threatening to the counsel-lee.
  4. Restoration Counseling
    Individualized counseling, with an individualized plan for the purpose of personal, spiritual and marital restoration.
  5. Marriage Counseling
    Every marriage situation is different, we do not use a cookie cutter approach
  6. Family Counseling
    Mixed Families Teenage Child
  7. Addiction Counseling
    Help through the crisis of addiction.

Restoration & Recovery

  1. Freedom from Eating Disorders
    Laurie Glass offers insightful, biblical help for those suffering from Eating Disorders.
  2. Get victory over the vice controlling your life.
    Doing the right thing is not usually the easy thing. We can help!
  3. Becoming another Vessel
    While you were fulfilling your calling, the vessel was marred. Wait till you see the new vessel.
  4. Freedom from Addiction
    Let us help you through those dark hours of addiction recovery.